segunda-feira, 27 de março de 2017

Douro, melancholy and Portugal

I went to Douro. Douro is beautiful of course, as many places in Portugal. It has melancholy. Everything in Portugal has melancholy. I like from time to time. The trip to Douro was good to me. It had and effect. It vanished a bit since then. I feel more or less in the same mood back again. I was wondering if this was something Portuguese. If I could identify something in this as portugueses, aparte from the fact that I am portuguese. I think it can be done. there is a kind of sentimental heritage and profile that I think as portuguese. I think I am an average portuguese in relation with that profile. Perhaps, better than average, I think I fulfill a lot of characteristics in that profile. the main one is melancholy. I have very extended periods of melancholy. going back to Douro puts in me what I think as the good melancholy. When you hear the silence of the countryside. That is the good melancholy. The melnacholy in a city is much more unbearable. And I am under attack by that kind of melancholy and my legendary difficulty in relationships with people. Let's see....

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